Linux Compressor Humanizer
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Linux compressor humanizer

Tool that extract or compress files automatically in a simple & easy way. It keeps the kiss philosophy avoiding to memorize weird flags and commands to extract & compress files. It allows you to auto install dependencies or even proprietary dependencies if requested.


sudo ./bin/
sudo ./bin/


$ lch file1 [file2...] 
$ lch 
$ lch -h                       - Show help
$ lch -v                       - Print version
$ lch -c                       - Check compression systems
$ lch -i                       - Install the compressors dependencies

Supported extensions

  • 7z
  • bz2
  • gz
  • rar
  • tar
  • tar.bz2, tbz, tbz2, tb2
  • tar.gz, tgz
  • tar.xz, txz
  • zip
Unpacking only:
  • arj
  • cab
  • dmg
  • iso
  • lzh
  • lzma
  • rpm
  • squashfs
  • vdi
  • vhd
  • vmdk
  • win
  • xar
  • z

Testing with docker

$ git clone
$ cd lch && docker run -it --rm --name lch --workdir /lch -v $(pwd):/lch putyourdistributionhere ./lch -h